Saturday, March 24, 2007

What this is

Well to start off before I made this blog I've been making videos and posting them on youtube for months now but when I posted them I felt like there was no way I was gonna get a ton of people to watch them and thats what I wanted people to watch me being me. I love to make people laugh it's one of the highlights of my day when I see a pretty girls face light up when I say or do something funny (theres other things I would like to do to see a pretty girls face light up but I won't talk about that on here) but anyway I figure if I can promote my vids on this blog then maybe I'd get more people watching and more people laughing (maybe a few pretty girls could take a few shots of there pretty faces laughing at my vids who knows) but really I just want to make people laugh so pleasessssssss laugh... I'll give you a dollar(no I won't)

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