Monday, November 5, 2007

Boondocks Tonight

In like a half hour Boondocks is coming on I'll let ya know what I think after I see it I'll probable come on tomorrow and put my two cents in. As always let me know what you think.

Heroes Quick Recap with my opinion

Alright that episode was tight as we see Hiro was Kenzie from the beginning, I knew it all along when will these time manipulating people realize that you can't ruin the future when you do this time hopping. You will be creating the future just as it is supposed to be no matter what you do, you can't alter the future by going in the past because what you've done is exactly what is supposed to be done. I don't know if that makes sense to you but in my head it does. So now Hiro is back in present time and I think it's about time Hiro and Peter and all of them just get together and be friends and destroy what ever evil it is that is going to take over the world. They are all separated and that gets on my nerves and I'm made that girl with the muscle memory thing wasn't in this episode I'm in love with her and Clair two very fine women indeed. Sareesh or how ever you spell it is a punk and a snitch and just really needs to figure out what he's going to do rather then follow behind everyone else and end up in situations such as the one he's in now where he doesn't know who's good or bad do what you think is good my man and stop trying to fit in with the rest of the crowed remember you have no special powers at least...not yet. Well comment if you will and let me know what you think I will enjoy reading them.

Heroes Tonight

Alright tonight on your tv heroes is coming on my fav drama I can't wait it's been a real suspense filled season. The twin duo traveling around Mexico has now meet Sylar and are in the U.S which mean they have doomed us all which really sucks but makes good TV. Clair or Hayden Panettiere (she is super sexy might make her my wife one day) Has a boyfriend who just made her do some real shady stuff to that head cheerleader. I really want to see what goes on with Monica the girl who can mimic peoples movements she is a hotty now and we need more good lookin heroes I don't care how sexist that sounds I like pretty girls sue me. I really like her character and I wish it lasted more then an hour so I could be lost in a fictional world with people flying and turning invisible for just a bit longer (sorry I miss my Harry potter). I'll be back on here tomorrow to talk about what happens tonight get a good recap and I guess spoiler for those who want to wait till saturday to see it on G4 yeah you losers out there. So Don't stop till you get enough.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Man that movie was smoking.

Alright I went to see a movie but first things first My friend seriously almost got beat up by an old woman while we were waiting in line for some food she was giving him the mean eye the whole time we were there and and we seriously didn't know why but in the end she comes out of no where after she gets her food and says " You know that game with the red socks and Yankees was a flook!" We were like oh okay now we get it cause he was wearing a Boston hat on just because the B is his first initial and I guess she thought he was a Boston fan and she was a Hardcore Yankee fan evidently. Any way Man that movie was grand If you don't know what I'm talking about then you haven't been reading my blog now have you? American Gangster starring Denzel Washington is the movies name theres a big poster underneath this very post. I loved the movie and I'm going to tell you why but I'll also tell you what made me mad in the movie.

First the movie had power I love movies that show blacks helping other blacks it's something you don't see often(ashame really) although he helped his fam out in a not so great way he did it none the less and they were living fat. Frank had every thing money girls all that but you notice how he kept a cool head the whole time and stayed low thats how your supposed to do it stay out of the spot like unlike that pimp looking character Cuba Gooding Jr played he really looked like a clown don't you think.

One of the parts that made me mad was when that Puerto Rican girl came into the picture OHHHHH boy soon as she stepped in I know it was going to be all over for my boy frank. Now when ever you bring a women into a business such as the one Frank Lucas was in you asking for trouble cause she don't understand the life you got to live because of it. Now when she got Fank that coat thats when his downfall began (and on another note how she gonna buy him a coat with his own money and say oh "I got you a present" trick you bought that with my money not yours I basically bought myself a present you just picked it up.) That coat was the opposite of what Frank wanted it was flashy it stood out to much and because of that everybody noticed him and bam thats when everything went down hill for my boy Frank.

Free Image Hosting at "Bumpy" Johnson is one of my heroes ever since I saw Fishburn play him in Hoodlum I've been hooked and it is ubber hot to see that Frank actually worked for him for 15 years Clarence Williams III (click his name to see a quick filmography on plays him in this movie and a funny thing is he also played Bub Hewlett in Hoodlum. I wish we would have had more about Bumpy in this movie but it's a movie about Frank Lucas's rise to power so we're not gonna hear alot about bumpy.

All in all it was a great movie I could probably write a ton more on it but I just wanted to give you the gist of what I thought of it. Great movie go see it if you can trust you'll love it. And don't wear Boston hats while in the territory of Yankee fans you'll lose your life.

Friday, November 2, 2007

American Gangster Trailor

I figure I should post a trailer for this movie as well one that I found off of

Exclusive: American Gangster International Trailer - Funny videos are here

American Gangster

Oh joy this movie is out today sadly I can't see it not because I have anything to do but because I never go to the movies on a friday I hate crowds. I couldn't wait too see this movie after I heard about it a month ago or maybe two I know some people know about these movies like a year in advance I'm not so lucky. It looks very good Denzel washington is in it playing Frank lucas a drug kingpin from way back in the day when being a drug kingpin was the coolest thing since sliced bread. Now it's in the evening so I know folks have already posted there 2 cent on the movie and I've read a few, most good few bad. I hear that my hero "Bumpy" Johnson was a mentor for Frank Lucas and an employer. Now I don't condone anything illegal (unless it's for a good cause like punching the guy in back of you who won't shut up during a movie) but I saw Lawrence Fishburn's ( sorry if I spelled it wrong) portrail of Bumpy in Hoodlum and I love the character and that movie go and watch it if you haven't already, great movie. So I'm going to see it tomorrow and I hope you do aswell I'll talk more on it after I've watched it.

Arnold what have you done

Arnold won't hit a broad but he'll shake the shit out of her and kill her evidently he should have just punched her maybe she would still be alive today LOL.

So this is what happened to Mario.

Well Mario as we all know was loved by many when super nintendo came out but at a certain time in his career we really didn't hear from him much I guess this is where he went good thing Super Smash came out other wise he would have still been in this situation.

Nigerian's is tellin' em

LOL now this is genius this is perfect and hilarious I couldn't stop laughing. I figure if Souja boy can tell em then damn near anybody can cause to tell the truth I don't understand wtf he is trying to tell me, matter fact I understand them more then I do Soulja boy and we come from the same country.

Black pepper.

Lol I know you've seen this before don't be a menace is a classic bernie look crazy in this one I hate westly snipes to but not because he's black I juts hate him just to do it.


Lol Carlton has been doing it up since he has been a little kid. He kills it on here plus as we all know you can't break dance with out a 65 x 70 breakin' board also know as a card board box.

Why must I cry

LOL well I'm not sure what this guy was thinking when he was singing in the shower but we all do it. I don't know if he is serious or this is a joke I guess we will never know but it's funny to me. Why is he rolling on the floor for that gun tell me why.

Bitch you look like me!

Man soon as I saw this I had to laugh it's great. This clip comes from a movie called repos I believe and I actually want to see it now that I've seen this clip watch it let me know what you think I found this one on great and hilarious.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Going back to school

You know me and my friend were talking yesterday and I came up with a weird conclusion that makes me seem even more paranoid to people then I already am. I always seem to be thinking everybody is in a conspiracy against me but so far I have always been right but I still give people the benefit of the doubt which is a contradictory to the fact that I just said I always think people are trying to get me but anyways, I said to my friend I was sick all week and I haven't been to any of my classes and that reminded me of the times I've been sick in High school and I thought to my self. Why is it when ever you don't come to school for a few days and then you go back the school always seems so different? I don't know if any of you have noticed this but after I am sick then I get better then go back to school the place looks completely different. They have new paint on all the walls a new section of the school is built and the Spanish guy who sits behind me has turned Chinese along with 4 other members of my old class. I get so weirded out by this I feel as if the school and all the students came together in a plot to trick me into thinking I walked into the wrong building so they can get rid of me. You know when you walk into a wrong building specially something that you are supposed to know you don't ask anyone you just walk out so you don't look stupid. I may be just weird and paranoid but this holds some truth let me know what you think.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

New Vid coming soon

I'm in the process of making a new video. It's gonna take me sometime to do it I want to make this one a little more professional meaning it will have a script and over paid actors(kidding with the overpaid part they won't be paid at all) and I'm going to need a couple of props and a camera man because I can't be in the video and film it at the same time(my face is in every scene) but after i get the semantics sorted out then i will start production then editing the release it to all my fans which happens to be very few(if any) but I do it for the fun not for the fame so stay tuned who ever is reading this and get ready to be amazed Isaac.S a.k.a Snacks is on the Jon

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The "Tooth"

Well I decided it would be a great investment Idea if I created a product and sold it and this is one of the commercial for my brand new invention it was filmed in front of a live studio audience in my moms basement.

I wanna be Kanye West!

Well many people that I know know that I am a big fan of Kanye West and many of the people I know say that I dress very similar to him so that got me thinking. I wasn't really trying to dress like him and I don't think I looked at all similar to him but I wondered what if I actually tried to be Kanye West and so I made this video and this song to make fun of myself.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ghost ride the WHAT??!!!

Well this one here is basically me trying to do a parody on that new ghost riding song that every one else seems to be making a video on but mines is a bit different then theres watch it and see.

What this is

Well to start off before I made this blog I've been making videos and posting them on youtube for months now but when I posted them I felt like there was no way I was gonna get a ton of people to watch them and thats what I wanted people to watch me being me. I love to make people laugh it's one of the highlights of my day when I see a pretty girls face light up when I say or do something funny (theres other things I would like to do to see a pretty girls face light up but I won't talk about that on here) but anyway I figure if I can promote my vids on this blog then maybe I'd get more people watching and more people laughing (maybe a few pretty girls could take a few shots of there pretty faces laughing at my vids who knows) but really I just want to make people laugh so pleasessssssss laugh... I'll give you a dollar(no I won't)