Saturday, April 14, 2007

Going back to school

You know me and my friend were talking yesterday and I came up with a weird conclusion that makes me seem even more paranoid to people then I already am. I always seem to be thinking everybody is in a conspiracy against me but so far I have always been right but I still give people the benefit of the doubt which is a contradictory to the fact that I just said I always think people are trying to get me but anyways, I said to my friend I was sick all week and I haven't been to any of my classes and that reminded me of the times I've been sick in High school and I thought to my self. Why is it when ever you don't come to school for a few days and then you go back the school always seems so different? I don't know if any of you have noticed this but after I am sick then I get better then go back to school the place looks completely different. They have new paint on all the walls a new section of the school is built and the Spanish guy who sits behind me has turned Chinese along with 4 other members of my old class. I get so weirded out by this I feel as if the school and all the students came together in a plot to trick me into thinking I walked into the wrong building so they can get rid of me. You know when you walk into a wrong building specially something that you are supposed to know you don't ask anyone you just walk out so you don't look stupid. I may be just weird and paranoid but this holds some truth let me know what you think.

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low-self esteem girl said...

just someone stumbling on your blog ...heys don't worry dude everyone feels this too ...don't let it get to you ...relax dude !