Friday, November 2, 2007

American Gangster

Oh joy this movie is out today sadly I can't see it not because I have anything to do but because I never go to the movies on a friday I hate crowds. I couldn't wait too see this movie after I heard about it a month ago or maybe two I know some people know about these movies like a year in advance I'm not so lucky. It looks very good Denzel washington is in it playing Frank lucas a drug kingpin from way back in the day when being a drug kingpin was the coolest thing since sliced bread. Now it's in the evening so I know folks have already posted there 2 cent on the movie and I've read a few, most good few bad. I hear that my hero "Bumpy" Johnson was a mentor for Frank Lucas and an employer. Now I don't condone anything illegal (unless it's for a good cause like punching the guy in back of you who won't shut up during a movie) but I saw Lawrence Fishburn's ( sorry if I spelled it wrong) portrail of Bumpy in Hoodlum and I love the character and that movie go and watch it if you haven't already, great movie. So I'm going to see it tomorrow and I hope you do aswell I'll talk more on it after I've watched it.

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