Sunday, November 4, 2007

Man that movie was smoking.

Alright I went to see a movie but first things first My friend seriously almost got beat up by an old woman while we were waiting in line for some food she was giving him the mean eye the whole time we were there and and we seriously didn't know why but in the end she comes out of no where after she gets her food and says " You know that game with the red socks and Yankees was a flook!" We were like oh okay now we get it cause he was wearing a Boston hat on just because the B is his first initial and I guess she thought he was a Boston fan and she was a Hardcore Yankee fan evidently. Any way Man that movie was grand If you don't know what I'm talking about then you haven't been reading my blog now have you? American Gangster starring Denzel Washington is the movies name theres a big poster underneath this very post. I loved the movie and I'm going to tell you why but I'll also tell you what made me mad in the movie.

First the movie had power I love movies that show blacks helping other blacks it's something you don't see often(ashame really) although he helped his fam out in a not so great way he did it none the less and they were living fat. Frank had every thing money girls all that but you notice how he kept a cool head the whole time and stayed low thats how your supposed to do it stay out of the spot like unlike that pimp looking character Cuba Gooding Jr played he really looked like a clown don't you think.

One of the parts that made me mad was when that Puerto Rican girl came into the picture OHHHHH boy soon as she stepped in I know it was going to be all over for my boy frank. Now when ever you bring a women into a business such as the one Frank Lucas was in you asking for trouble cause she don't understand the life you got to live because of it. Now when she got Fank that coat thats when his downfall began (and on another note how she gonna buy him a coat with his own money and say oh "I got you a present" trick you bought that with my money not yours I basically bought myself a present you just picked it up.) That coat was the opposite of what Frank wanted it was flashy it stood out to much and because of that everybody noticed him and bam thats when everything went down hill for my boy Frank.

Free Image Hosting at "Bumpy" Johnson is one of my heroes ever since I saw Fishburn play him in Hoodlum I've been hooked and it is ubber hot to see that Frank actually worked for him for 15 years Clarence Williams III (click his name to see a quick filmography on plays him in this movie and a funny thing is he also played Bub Hewlett in Hoodlum. I wish we would have had more about Bumpy in this movie but it's a movie about Frank Lucas's rise to power so we're not gonna hear alot about bumpy.

All in all it was a great movie I could probably write a ton more on it but I just wanted to give you the gist of what I thought of it. Great movie go see it if you can trust you'll love it. And don't wear Boston hats while in the territory of Yankee fans you'll lose your life.

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