Monday, November 5, 2007

Heroes Tonight

Alright tonight on your tv heroes is coming on my fav drama I can't wait it's been a real suspense filled season. The twin duo traveling around Mexico has now meet Sylar and are in the U.S which mean they have doomed us all which really sucks but makes good TV. Clair or Hayden Panettiere (she is super sexy might make her my wife one day) Has a boyfriend who just made her do some real shady stuff to that head cheerleader. I really want to see what goes on with Monica the girl who can mimic peoples movements she is a hotty now and we need more good lookin heroes I don't care how sexist that sounds I like pretty girls sue me. I really like her character and I wish it lasted more then an hour so I could be lost in a fictional world with people flying and turning invisible for just a bit longer (sorry I miss my Harry potter). I'll be back on here tomorrow to talk about what happens tonight get a good recap and I guess spoiler for those who want to wait till saturday to see it on G4 yeah you losers out there. So Don't stop till you get enough.

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